Vergeer Holland: A smoke-free organization

A smoke-free work environment is important for the health and vitality of employees. Smoke-free working  contributes to the social movement ‘’on the way to a Smoke-Free Generation’’.

The Smoke-Free Generation has been set as an objective in the coalition agreement of 2017. Towards the end of 2018 more than 70 parties signed the National Prevention agreement. One of the goals of this agreement is to have more smoke-free organizations. These goals are accomplished at the hand of stricter legislation. From January 1st 2022 it is mandatory for companies to cease their smoke-free areas. Vergeer Holland sees this moment as an opportunity to take the step towards a complete smoke-free organization and therefore contributes her part to the Smoke-Free Generation.

Smoke-free working is based on the decision to no longer facilitate smoking by making the entire work environment smoke-free. Every environmental factor that makes it possible or acceptable is removed. This way harmful secondhand smoking is also prevented. Smokers who choose to completely stop smoking will be fully facilitated in the process.

A complete smoke-free work environment means:

  • The entire company premises and all buildings (all locations!) are smoke-free: the entree(s), parking garage, parking spot, bicycle shed, terrace, garden etc.
  • Smoking in the car/truck on company premises or in the parking garage is prohibited.
  • There are no smoking areas available.
  • The entire parking spot is smoke-free, including all company- and lease cars.
  • Everyone keeps to the terms of the agreement to not smoke on the terrain: employer, employees, volunteers, suppliers, service providers, customers and other visitors.
  • The signs indicate that the entire terrain and buildings are smoke-free.
  • The E-cigarette (and every other variant) falls under the smoke-free agreement.
  • Employees do not smoke during working hours: this also applies to external employees.
  • Smokers who are willing to stop will have our utmost support.

From January 1st 2022 Vergeer Holland will be a complete smoke-free organization. We ask our relations and visitors to keep this in mind.