Statement Corona

In general

  • Foodsafety, safety and health together with business continuity are the first priorities of Vergeer Holland. Currently there are no issues with regards to the delivery of our products.
  • In general food is not classified as a possible carrier of the Corona-virus. On top of that we and our suppliers all work according to HACCP principles.
  • We have installed a multidisciplinair team that follows all developments that might effect employees or the availability of products thoroughly.
  • Our suppliers of flexible labour follow our measurements.

Health and hygiene

  • We stick to the guidelines of the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment with regards to (hand)hygiene and coughing/sneezing and we inform our employees and visitors about it.
  • We have sharpened our visitors policy, whereby visitors are asked to declare that they haven’t been in risk areas and that they haven’t got Corona-related symptoms
  • Employees are pointed out to the importance of personal hygiene. They are stimulated to wash their hands more often. Shaking hands is not allowed. The cleaning staff takes extra measures and increases their frequency. We focus on the areas with high activity and traffic.


  • Employees have been asked to report when they recently have visited contaminated areas, wherefore appropriate measures can be taken.
  • Travel restrictions are set in general. Business trips to contaminated areas are forbidden.
  • Travelling in between our different sites is restricted to a minimum.
  • Visiting or receiving visits are also restricted to a minimum.


  • We have a special protocol for chauffeurs. Main target of this protocol is to limit personal contact in between chauffeurs and Vergeer employees as much as possible.
  • We have set up specific rules about how to deal with freight documents.


  • Employees, temporary workers and external visitors with health complaints related to the Corona virus, are prohibited to enter the company. In case of doubts the responsible manager or the HR department will be contacted first.
  • The routing to go to and to leave from the workplaces have been changed in order to prevent crossing streams. Doors of office departments should remain closed.

 Working times and breaks

  • Working times and break times for Operations are changed in order to prevent big groups being in the same area together.
  • Office employees are obliged to eat their lunch in their office instead of in the company restaurant.

 Focus on Production

  • Employees from other departments than Operations, including office departments, will be made free to help out in the primairy process.
  • All employees have been asked to be flexible towards performing tasks / activities and time in order to make sure our primairy process can continue.


  • Measures have been taken inside our company on an organisational level and within ICT in order to facilitate employees to work from home and support the process in the best possible way. Working from home is stimulated.