Sustainable together: from meadow to plate. As a dynamic entrepreneurial company we seek continuity and healthy growth – but certainly not at any cost. Every day we work hard to run a responsible and sustainable business.

Responsible chain partner

We are a responsible chain partner: We seek to buy and sell with a minimum impact on people, animals and the environment. Corporate Social Responsiblity is engrained in our relationship with suppliers, who we select on the basis of predetermined sustainability criteria. We operate in the most environmentally responsible manner.

Responsible employer

We are a responsible employer: Our staff members are key to our company. That is why we help them to develop, ensure the best labour conditions and promote a healthy lifestyle through our Vergeer Fit programme. In addition to a discount on a fitness centre membership, employees are served fruit at work.


Our packages are sustainable: Packaging is an important component of what we do. Our mission is to increasingly use packages that minimise the impact on the environment. Our company uses almost exclusively FSC paper and cardboard. We separate all our waste and are investing in environmentally friendly transportation that complies with the most recent European standards.

We are developing more and more eco-friendly packaging for our Vergeer brand products. Our new retail packaging line for slices yields a savings of 46% in packaging weight per kg of packaged cheese compared to the old packaging line. We have also achieved a savings of 5.5% in packaging weight per kg of packaged cheese by narrowing the foil used for our Vergeer individual cheese slices.

Aware of our environment

We are aware of our environment: To ensure a future for ourselves and our company, we are aware of the impact we have on the environment and our local community. Our mission is to reduce our CO2 footprint, by separating waste and adopting energy-saving measures. We also value our deep-rooted relationship with the community and support local sports clubs and associations.

In march 2019 we started the construction of a new business premises in Bodegraven. This new building  is subject to the highest sustainability standards, based on a BREEAM outstanding (5 stars) sustainability certification. In this way we literally and figuratively build for the next generation and can we manage to combine growth and sustainability. Want to know more about our new building?