The story of the famous
ripening facility in Reeuwijk

The picturesque village of Reeuwijk in South Holland is home to a very special family. Real cheese lovers. This family has been making cheese since the 17th century. Back in 1934 the family still haggled over the price of their cheeses at the market in Gouda, while later plying their wares door to door. Today, this family business has blossomed into one of the leading cheese maturers and sellers in the Netherlands. And that’s what makes this so special! In addition to the taste of course.

Meet the Vergeer family. The Vergeer family lives within a stone’s throw of each other in the village. Don’t be surprised to see the son of boss Vergeer race around town on his old bike. This is the kind of place where children still play outside all day. But that is just a side note.

Family Vergeer makes ordinary cheese special again.

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