We cut cheese into slices, pieces, grated cheese and blocks of any size. All our products are available in a variety of cheese types, such as the popular Gouda, Edam and Maasdam, or the distinct Emmental, smooth Mozzarella, tangy Cheddar and our special Mimolette. Looking for speciality cheeses? We also supply cheeses with cumin, sambal or garden herbs.



Slices of cheese are perfect for retail, foodservice and industry. In food services, slices are often used for sandwiches. For catering services we supply individually wrapped slices or they can be sold separately. Whether you prefer slices of 10 x 10 cm or 5 x 15 cm, we can deliver what you need. In terms of size and quantity. Packages range in content from one to ninety slices and vary in weight from 20 to 1500 grams. The slices are stacked so they are easy to remove and can be conveniently displayed. We put a lot of thought into product packaging.

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Grated cheese

Grated cheese sales continue to grow. Whether you like some grated Gouda cheese on top of a pizza or in a pasta dish, or Emmental in a salad: we have it all. Packages range from 50 grams for retail consumers to 5,000 grams for wholesale clients. Do you prefer your grated cheese in a resealable tub, instead of a retail bag? No problem. We are happy to provide the package of your choice.


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Cheese snacks and cubes

Cheese snacks are great for happy hour, a birthday party or a quick bite on the go. Rectangular cheese portions, cheese bites, square cubes or triangles: tell us what you need and we will produce and deliver it. We also offer a wide range of packages: individual portions, 6 pieces of cheese in a net, cubes in a tub or a retail bag. We will package cheese anyway you want it.

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For our wholesale customers we offer blocks of cheese of approximately 4 kilos. The blocks are packed in a fully automated facility with excellent hygiene conditions. In addition to the usual maturity stages ranging from mild to old, we also offer blocks with different fat contents, ranging from 35+ to 48+.

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Our blocks of cheese are great for cutting that perfect slice with a Dutch cheese-slicer, and the wedges complete any cheese plate. People eat a lot of cheese. Consumer demand is not only high but also very diverse. We can supply practically any type of cheese in pieces ranging from 200 to 500 grams. Depending on our customer’s wishes, we will package the cheese in vacuum-sealed packaging or in a modified atmosphere.

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In addition to our cut selection, we also offer beautiful round whole wheels of cheese. The selection includes our rich Gouda 48+, which comes in varieties ranging from mild to old. For fans of extra old cheese, we sell our very own Old Holland brand with a lovely salt crystal and black rind. Also try our delicious Nettle or Garden Herbs speciality cheeses. These come in a convenient 4.5 kilo format that is both tasty and easy to cut. Take as much as you need.

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